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Financial ratios of a credit surrender

Credit redemption is a financial approach that makes changes to the management of the personal budget. The principle is to group together a set of loans and various debts into a single credit agreement with a monthly payment adapted to the repayment capacity of the borrowing (s).

The different financial ratios to obtain a repurchase of credit

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the different financial ratios of which a borrowing candidate must be eligible to qualify for a loan to buy back credits :



There is the notion of the customer debt ratio before the buyback transaction which is taken into account to define the borrower profile, but also the debt ratio after redemption not to exceed.

The rest to live

The rest to live

The remainder to live is the sum remaining due to the household per person to live for a period of one month, after payment of the monthly maturity of the debt restructuring credit and the monthly portion of the income tax.

Generally, it is around 750 € for 1 person and 900 € more or less for 2 people. You must add 200 € for the 3 and 4 dependents, and 250 € per additional person from the fifth person in the home.

The mortgage ratio

The mortgage ratio

Essentially when setting up mortgage repurchases dedicated to homeowner borrowers, it is more accurately the market value of the property in relation to the amount loaned by the bank to the borrower (s).

In order to allow the bank to control the risk of managing the credit agreement, the mortgage ratio, also called the proportion, is around 80% on average for a traditional Babarment, ie without particular risk taking.

According to Babarments’ plan, in the case where the amount granted to the borrower (s) is important the latter can be reduced for more security when the risk of non-payment of the subscriber (s). Conversely, the better the borrower profile, the more the bank will be able to relax the mortgage ratio by increasing its percentage to allow customers more room to maneuver.


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